Wednesday, September 12


"I dream of you and all the things you say - I wonder where you are now." - Oasis

Yesterday, my mother and I went on our annual day trip to Rothenburg, which is a medieval city located in Bavaria (think cobblestone roads and town walls). They have the most amazing Christmas shop there including both kitschy and truly pretty decoration for everybody's favourite holiday.

Dress - Sparkle&Fade | Coat - Zara | Bag - Esprit | Shoes - La Tenace

I just had to wear my new super fabulous glitter slippers. Whenever the sun hits them, they're a dazzling sight to see - and really, I never thought I was going to have such edgy shoes and love them! Almost as much that I might just "slide away" wearing those shoes.
What I'm trying to say is.. that Oasis song is so beautiful, you should listen to it right away, I'm even giving you another quote from it:

"Now that you're mine, we'll find a way of chasing the sun."

Love, Susann

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  1. die schuhe sind ja mal richtig cool!:)

  2. der mantel ist so wunderschön ♥
    die schuhe sind ein traum :)
    wundervolles outfit :)
    liebe grüße ♥

  3. Hi Susann,

    Love your outfit. The dress and shoes are awesome.
    Very lovely pictures of you and the background is so beautiful.
    My favorite picture is the next to the last picture #9.
    Loving this post!!!!!
    Love, Joann xxxx

  4. LOVE the flats! Very pretty!


  5. Those glitter slippers are gorgeous!!!

  6. love those shoes!

    xoxo from nyc -

    x Vittoria