Sunday, September 2

PRAGUE - Day 2

On our second day in Prague, we visited several old synagogues and a Jewish museum for a better understanding and deeper knowledge of the Jewish culture, which was really interesting. Afterwards, we visited a Christian church where we stayed for service in a language we didn't understand - besides "Amen", there wasn't a word I knew.
Then we took the long way to the castle again to enjoy the great panoramic view of the city which looks so calm and even sort of mystical to me in the photos.

The dress I wore is another definite favourite from my closet, it's so romantic yet cool.
Dress - Dahlia |Coat & Bag - Zara |Shoes - Soriano 

Stay tuned for the last Prague post in two days :)
Love, Susann

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  1. great photos! love your beautiful dress!
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    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  2. Great photos Susan! Prague is such an amazing town :) I love your dress!

  3. the dress is awesome! you are just so pretty :3 ich liebe deine style <3 (is that correct? i am learning Deutsch at the moment hahaha)

    Pudding Monster