Monday, October 20


Since I opened my blog again, my boyfriend has obtained the honourable duty of taking my daily outfit photos. Of course, we had taken photos together before when we were travelling, but taking photos for the blog is different; it is far more challenging. When we took the first photos for the "Back to University" post last week, it felt so awkward being in the park with many people surrounding us and me giving my boyfriend instructions on how to take my outfit photos. But few instructions sufficed and suddenly, my boyfriend turned into this amazing fashion photographer! I love him, and I love how (most of) the photos these days are turning out and I think these are my favourite ones yet.

In terms of the outfit, I've owned this dress for four years now (this post is from when I first wore it) and still like wearing it because it allows me to throw on one of my countless waist belts that I rarely get to wear.

Love, Susann
What I'm wearing:
Trench Coat - Vero Moda
Dress - Asos
Cardigan - Warehouse
Bag - Prada
Shoes - Ara
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Sunday, October 19


Happy Sunday everybody! I guess you will have to get used to seeing my H&M coat in every other outfit post. It is simply the perfect piece for autumn days and I'm hoping for a 'warm' winter so I can wear it instead of puffy down jackets. Somehow, wearing this coat has a princess-y feel to it which I totally love and I think my pearl and rhinestone headband sort of adds to that.

Thank you for the many nice comments I'm receiving. It means a lot to me that you correspond to my posts!

Love, Susann
What I'm wearing:
Coat - H&M
Shirt - Nice Connection
Faux Leather Pants - Esprit
Bag and Shoes - Prada
Headband - Forever21
Earrings - Tiffany&Co.
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Friday, October 17


My grey cape is a piece I love to wear but rarely have a chance to. Anytime I want to wear it, it's either too warm or too cold outside, or the cape doesn't go with the rest of my outfit. You can tell, it's sort of a special occasion when I do get to wear it! I already showed you the cape in this post two years ago.

We took the photos at Frankfurt's Opera Square which is one of the nicest locations in town.

Love, Susann

What I'm wearing:
Cape - Selected Femme
Top - Ralph Lauren
Skirt - Zara
Bag - Prada
Shoes - Ara
Ring - Yves Saint Laurent
Bracelet - Juicy Couture

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Thursday, October 16


Today I want to share my favourite cheek products with you, which are five blushes and one highlighter. I think that an accentuated cheek makes the entire face look much fresher and I am a big fan of trying different textures of blush. Let's start a little review of the pictured products.
  • Dior "Diorblush" in Brun Cannelle / Sunkissed Cinnamon - This is a blush I've had for years, it actually was my mother's but she gave it to me when I first moved out to Munich. In the second photo you can tell that there's not my product left and I think I will use it up this winter since the colour is rather dark and warm.
  • Essence "Silky Touch Blush" in Adorable - This blush is a total bargain, I think it retails for 2,45 Euros in German drugstores. The colour is a soft pink and I like to use this product for blush touch-ups on days when I can't get enough of rosy cheeks. I already bought this again twice.
  • The Balm "Hot Mama" - What an amazing product! Although I rather rarely use it on my cheeks (in my opinion it's more of an evening colour), I absolutely love to use it as an eyeshadow in the crease of my eyelid. Apply it with a blending brush and the result is super natural and romantic!
  • Daniel Sandler "Watercolour Blush" in Cherub - I think I first heard of this one in one of Essiebutton's videos and instantly loved the idea of it. I still have to master applying this watery product, but I am in love with the colour.
  • P2 "Cheeks+Lips Cream Blush" in Cinderella Drama - Unfortunately, this drugstore product has already been discontinued. It is my current favourite blush since it's so easily applied with a stippling brush. The colour is really subtle and I think it gives a nice glow to the face.
  • The Balm "Mary-Lou Manizer" - I've used this daily since August and think I can't go without it anymore. I always try to only use a tiny bit of it and put it over my blush right on the apples of my cheeks. It also works really well under the eyebrows.
  • Zoeva Brushes No. 125 "Stippling" and No. 128 "Cream Cheek" - The stippling brush is a must when it comes to applying and working in the cream and watercolour blushes. I'm really impressed by the great work this brush does and don't think that a more expensive one could be better! The angled cheek brush is perfect for powdery products.
Love, Susann

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