Sunday, December 21


Only a few days until Christmas! Before heading home for the holidays, we shot some photos this morning and I thought I'd share two of them with you today (and some more tomorrow).
I finally bought a pair of oversized sunglasses and I decided to get Karen Walker's 'Super Duper Strength' after seeing them on so many blogs. Aren't they fabulous?

Have a nice Sunday!
Love, Susann
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Friday, December 19


This week was full of procrastinating and trying to write an important term paper for university. I'm really glad I got my act together and finally did it -- I delivered it right in time (on the day of the deadline, obviously). Now that the work is done and Christmas is approaching, I can lean back and relax with a good conscience. Here is a little random photo post with pictures from the past few weeks.

You can now finally find me on Instagram where I'm trying to keep you updated on days when I don't post on the blog. My name is fashioninpepperland and it would be the best early Christmas gift if you liked my profile :)

Love, Susann
This could be better saturated, but it works fine in black&white, doesn't it?
A Nutella jar that looks like a penguin, I just had to take a photo of it.
Wrapped the first present (for my mother) and got a gingerbread heart from my boyfriend.
So in love with my newest perfume (and the name of it!).
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Wednesday, December 17


So you've already seen how my collar glows in the dark, but I haven't yet showed you the entire outfit I wore that day. As I mentioned in this post, pink is the colour that instantly cheers me up. I got the cashmere sweater on sale last year and I just love to wear it - out of all the cashmere pieces I own,  this has the best quality, it feels perfectly soft and, if that's the right word, soothing.
I hope you like these photos taken at the nicely decorated Opera Square!

Love, Susann
What I'm wearing:
Coat - H&M
Cashmere Sweater - Princess goes Hollywood
Shirt - Forever 21
Faux Leather Pants - Esprit
Bag - Prada
Shoes - Ara
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Monday, December 15


Yesterday, we spent a super fun Sunday at the museum where we took those photos. My collar magically glowed and I thought it was the coolest thing, haha! After visiting the museum, we strolled through the Christmas market and shared some cotton candy before heading to Starbucks for some caramel hot chocolate. Talk about sweet indulgence.

Hope you had a nice weekend!
Love, Susann
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